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  Amazon’s “Hand of God” is set in Los Angeles, San Vicente, California – where the action takes place, and we’re not talking...

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Melody Stewart

Melody Stewart is the founder of and President of She is a filmmaker

Lawrence Chau is the host of Ghostly Encounters; here is a link to his website: Q:   How did you become involved with Ghostly Encounters? A: Via an audition.  It was that simple.  The producer, Brian Dennis was in the room and he was stunned after my read. Stunned could mean I either bombed ...

Eliza Gale began her blogging career on the Los Angeles based site where she intervie

The guys from Friend Dog Studios have made three webisodes, but we’d like to see them make more!  Let them know you like them by posting a comment here and on their youtube page.  Thanks!...

Melody Stewart is the founder of and President of She is a filmmaker

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Be a Better Actor and Listen!...

Acting coach Kimberly Jentzen talks about her experience with A list actors, including Meryl Streep and how well they listen to others.  She points to listening as the key component to being able to relate to your fellow actors and scene partners, therefore making the performance more truthful.  Emp...

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A picture of Tom Hardy in a blue button down shirt with a trimmed beard, standing outside. Recommends ...

“There are some sins you can’t come back from.”  At least that’s what Bob Sagonowski believes in “The Drop”.  He doesn’t know it in the beginning of the story, but what he’s looking for, what he doesn’t believe he deserves is redemption.  We all want it at some poin...

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“Hotel Artemis” is...

“Hotel Artemis,” written and directed by Drew Pearce, marks the directorial debut for this Iron Man 3 co-writer.  It stars Jodie Foster as The Nurse,

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Hand of God – Go...

  Amazon’s “Hand of God” is set in Los Angeles, San Vicente, California – where the action takes place, and we’re not talking about the movies.  A land deal worth te...

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