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  It’s hard to go forward without one last look at Season One.  After all, it’s the reason we’ve come back.  The show handed us characters to love and a ga...

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Liz Yanders

Elizabeth Yanders has won awards for her short stories and poems, including an award from the Cesar

Wentworth is an Australian TV show set in a women’s prison which details the struggles and triumphs found within. If it sounds familiar, that’s no surprise. Comparisons to Orange is the New Black are inevitable, though I’ll try to keep those to a minimum. To summarize for the “They are copying OITNB!” crowd, Wentworth ...

The undisputed king of "hey, that's the actor from _______" I make good use of parenting downtime to

Acting teacher, Kimberly Jentzen demonstrates how to listen to your scene partner....

Melody Stewart is the founder of and President of She is a filmmaker

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Famous Actors Give Us Advice on Acting...

Leonardo DiCaprio, Judy Dench, and Keira Knightley are just a few of the actors talking about what they love about acting and why they do it.  We admire them, we love their movies, and now we learn a little about the magic behind the characters.  Who’s your favorite? Melody StewartMelody Stewa...

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“Crazy Rich As...

  Have you ever had a wonderful dinner where everything is cooked well, presented well, the lighting was romantic, the music perfect?  Have you ever had a date with someone who was good-looking, charming, perfectly nice, but not for you?  These are the comparisons that come to mind when I think of "Crazy Rich Asia...

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“Hotel Artemis” is...

“Hotel Artemis,” written and directed by Drew Pearce, marks the directorial debut for this Iron Man 3 co-writer.  It stars Jodie Foster as The Nurse,

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Stephen King’s &...

  It’s hard to go forward without one last look at Season One.  After all, it’s the reason we’ve come back.  The show handed us characters to love and a gambit of emotions.  We cheered for the go...

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