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Master Acting Teacher, Richard Seyd on Using Triggers to Move From Moment to Moment

A headshot of Richard Seyd, Master acting teacher. He has a friendly, open face, a wide smile and bright blue eyes. His gray hair is cut short and a bit tosseled.
Richard Seyd, Master acting teacher, of Seydways Acting Studios.

Richard Seyd discusses his method of being in the moment of a scene or monologue by using “Triggers” to move from moment to moment.  It is fascinating to realize how many moments there are in a scene, and how each moment can be interpreted differently.  Richard believes that there is only 15-20% of your lines in a script that you should drill, the rest are moment based lines.  That’s good news for any actor who stresses over learning his lines!  “Inside each moment there is a world, and there is a world of understanding in each moment.”  The good thing is that apparently, we all do this at one time or another, automatically.  Hopefully, that will make it easier to do it all the time!

An older gentilman appears in a close up of his face. His smile is warm and open, his blue eyes sparkle and his gray hair, cut short, and tosseled.
Richard Seyd of Seydways Acting Studios








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