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Casting Director Amy Jo Berman on Actors’ Headshots

Amy Jo Berman appears in a closeup picture, with a white background accentuating her dark hair and eyes. She is smiling.
Casting Director Amy Jo Berman.

Actor Headshots Tips — You need them. I know this because I am a Casting Director and I’ve seen thousands of actors headshots that don’t work, will never get you auditions or acting jobs and I want to put a stop to it right now with these actor headshots tips to have you competing with professional actors because you ARE a professional actor.

01:35 Actor Headshots Tips #1: Find a Professional Actor Headshots photographer

02:12 Actor Headshots Tips #2: Before you get actor headshots make sure you know your branding

03:38 Actor Headshots Tips #3: What kind of headshots do you need?

03:55 Actor Headshots Tips #4: Extreme headshots aka what NOT to do

04:30 Actor Headshots Tips #5: What your actor headshots should have

05:24 Actor Headshots Tips #6: What to wear when getting actors headshot

05:50 Actor Headshots Tips #7: Make sure the headshot photographer’s work has this

06:20 Actor Headshots Tips #8: Don’t let your mom do this 😉

06:30 Actor Headshots Tips #9 How close up should your actor headshot be?

06:54 Actor Headshots Tips #10 Bullet point summary about this Actor headshot tips video

07:05 Actor Headshots Tips #11 One more word about what to wear in your actor headshot To find out more about the course I mention re: branding, go here: http://AttractorFactorForActors.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gjn1b…

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