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Friend Dog Studios Brings You, Science Lite! (For those of us intimidated by real facts.)

The three guys from Friend Dog Studios sitting on a couch with a tv screen behind them reading,
Brian Huther, Ben Auxier, and Seth Macchi.

Actor/Comedians Ben Auxier and Brian Huther reveal the easy side of “learning” science.  We all like things that are easy, so why not science?  Exactly!  In these times of “alternative facts” why trouble ourselves with “the truth” when it’s so much easier to just make sh*t up?  That’s why “Science Lite” brings us an updated version of the scientific method, “Step 1:  Think about something.  What is it?  Why is it?  Step 2:  Then write down the first thing that comes to mind.  Step 3:  That’s true now!  You did a science!”  Wow, that was easy.  Ben and Brian show us how just thinking something makes it true, and sharing that truth on social media is not at all irresponsible.  Gosh, I feel good.

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