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“Hotel Artemis” is no “John Wick”

Vintage looking movie poster for
Movie poster for the film, "Holtel Artemis".
“Hotel Artemis,” written and directed by Drew Pearce, marks the directorial debut for this Iron Man 3 co-writer.  It stars Jodie Foster as The Nurse, an older, foot shuffling health care professional who patches up criminals in their time of disrepair. Sterling K. Brown (This Is Us, Supernatural) knocks on the door with his bloody, younger brother, both with memberships intact, and is admitted to the hospital already hosting two other patients. There is an orderly, a wolf, two sons, and a cop. Outside there are riots flooding a Los Angeles suffering decay.  Guilt and anxiety lurk through the halls…

Hotel Artemis

Entertainment - 6.8


No John Wick

Lonita Cook reviews "Hotel Artemis" for act.land, and discovers an attempt at originality but a "close but no cigar" landing.

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Lonita Cook is a BetterKC Film Critic (KCTV5), and the author of the paranormal romance novel, The Chronicles of Cyn: Awaken the Sleeper.