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FDS’ An Honest Christmas is Honestly Funny!

Feeling the joy and stress of the holiday season?  We have a cure, or at least a distraction for you here at  Never say we never gave you anything!  Singer Ben Gulley guest stars in “An Honest Christmas” with your hosts and comedians extrodinaire, Ben Auxier and Brian Huther. 

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A picture of two teenagers, a boy and girl with arms folded looking at each other longingly.

Netflix’ “Battle” Portrays the Internal Battle for Identity

This isn’t your Vikings shield wall or WWII bombing raid, the battle being fought in the appropriately named film “Battle” pits the dancing ambitions of one teenage girl against the desires of her soul and body.  In short, the heroine, Amalie must discover who she really is and how

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Jesus and the GOP? Makes Ya Think!

What do Jesus Christ and the GOP have in common?  Good question.  Our friends at Friend Dog Studios branched out making a politically charged religious video, or a religiously charged political video depending on your perspective.  Either way it makes for interesting conversation around the dinner t

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