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The Umbrella Academy – Solid Storytelling, Extraordinary Acting!

  Netflix' "The Umbrella Academy" takes center stage and demands the attention it deserves.  Premiered February 15th, the darkly comedic, dystopian superhero story developed by Steve Blackman gets its roots from a comic book of the same name written by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba.  Original, funn

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Reverse negative pictures of actors Davis De Rock and Chad Crenshaw in Karate poses in front of a bright purple background with the words C2D2 Films is bright yellow in the foreground.

Davis DeRock on Getting into Character

Actor Davis DeRock talks about what getting into character means to him, and the kinds of challenges he embraces as an actor.  Being part of a film making team, C2D2 Films, he has a partner in crime, but taking on a role is intrinsically personal.  What’s his secret?  Take a look… Melody

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A picture of Denzel Washington smiling, wearing a black Oxford shirt with white buttons.

Denzel Washington Gives Actors Some Good Advice

He inspires us with his acting, and now Denzel Washington gives us some great advice for actors or anyone, really.  It’s all about goals and consistency  – powerful advice for any dreamer.  Take a look! Melody StewartMelody Stewart is the founder of and President of iactingstudi

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The three guys from Friend Dog Studios sitting on a couch with a tv screen behind them reading,

Singing to Siri with Friend Dog Studios!

Ben Auxier and Brian Huther of Friend Dog Studios rap to Siri in what is probably the best song anyone has ever made for her.  I’m guessing she doesn’t get this a lot.  Enjoy! Melody StewartMelody Stewart is the founder of and President of She is a filmmake

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FDS’ An Honest Christmas is Honestly Funny!

Feeling the joy and stress of the holiday season?  We have a cure, or at least a distraction for you here at  Never say we never gave you anything!  Singer Ben Gulley guest stars in “An Honest Christmas” with your hosts and comedians extrodinaire, Ben Auxier and Brian Huther. 

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