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KC’s Best of the Best – Green Book Wine Club Train Trip 

Green Book Wine Club Train Trip with KC Melting Pot at Just Off Broadway Theater   Ain’t nothin’ better than a Black audience yessin’ in the dark, rollin’ upon hallelujahs and lovin’ on a reflection of themselves in the shape of a Black play.  Green Book Wine Club Train Trip, produced now through Ma

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An image of Amy Schumer smiling and looking cute with her blond hair tied back, hiding her face from someone.

“I Feel Pretty” – Pop Comedy With Acceptance as the Real Gift

  Mmm, mmm, mmm, look at him. He is so hot. He’s all muscle, charisma and pearly white teeth. He moves with ease and sensuality. He laughs like he means it. Every word. They all hang on his every word.   He makes eye contact and you look away.   That feeling. What is it? Doubt, disgus

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