A headshot of Richard Seyd, Master acting teacher. He has a friendly, open face, a wide smile and bright blue eyes. His gray hair is cut short and a bit tosseled.

Master Acting Teacher, Richard Seyd on Redifining Objective Driven Acting

An older gentilman appears in a close up of his face. His smile is warm and open, his blue eyes sparkle and his gray hair, cut short, and tosseled.

Richard Seyd of Seydways Acting Studios.

If you know “Being In The Moment” is a key to good acting, have you ever wondered why is it so difficult to be there and why no one has ever told you how to be there more consistently?  This series of videos is for you.  Master teacher, Richard Seyd reveals why it’s so difficult to be in the moment of the scene, the way we’ve been taught.  If you’ve wondered why always having an “objective” or always “playing an action” makes it feel like you are putting your instincts in a box…..watch this series.  Answers await you!

Melody Stewart

Melody Stewart is the founder of act.land and President of iactingstudioskc.com. She is a filmmaker in Kansas City.

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