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A close up picture of actor Tom Hardy sitting in a darkened car, tearing up.

The Best Acting of All Time – Part III

In “The Best Acting of All Time” you’ll find the greats with the unknown actors, but that’s the beauty of the art.  There are actors and films out there just waiting to be discovered!  Watch and enjoy! Melody StewartMelody Stewart is the founder of act.land and President of i

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A picture of Marlon Brando in a tuxedo with black tie, in his darkened study talking to a man in a white suit, whose face we cannot see, from

Iconic Movie Scenes That Were Never Supposed to Happen

We all have our favorite movies, and while filmmaking is a subjective art, there are some films destined to become icons of the their genre.  In these iconic movie scenes, we see some pretty well known movies with famous actors, who, for one reason or another created magic through the use of improvi

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