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A picture of young men and women dancing at a New Year's Eve party with confetty raining down on them.

Happy New Year From Friend Dog Studios (and act.land)

So, this is a couple of years old, but really the sentiments still apply.  Do you have New Year resolutions?  They do.  Do you have your Christmas tree still up?  They do.  Do you have an annoying neighbor named  Old Joe?  No?  Oh, good for you!  I’m sure you’ve got much better resolutio

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The three guys from Friend Dog Studios sitting on a couch with a tv screen behind them reading,

Friend Dog Studios Brings You, Science Lite! (For those of us intimidated by real facts.)

Actor/Comedians Ben Auxier and Brian Huther reveal the easy side of “learning” science.  We all like things that are easy, so why not science?  Exactly!  In these times of “alternative facts” why trouble ourselves with “the truth” when it’s so much easier to

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A close up picture of actor, Seth Macchi with

Seth Macchi on The Collaborative Process with Friend Dog Studios

Actor Seth Macchi talks with act.land about his collaboration with the guys from Friend Dog Studios.  Being the funny guys that he is, it’s no wonder he has no problem wandering around the woods with his friends, videotaping for hours, looking for Sasquatch.  Improvisation and chemistry seem t

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Friend Dog Studios logo. Bold black letters on a white background in block formation,

Friend Dog Studios, “Ask Us Anything” (They might answer.)

In “Ask Us Anything” the guys from Friend Dog Studios answer questions like, “Who are the mentors who inspired and nurtured your creativity?”  “What are your girlfriends like and how do they feel about your internet success?”  “What is the next internet sens

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The three Friend Dog Studios guys, Brian Huther, Ben Auxier and Seth Macchi sit together at a long table covered in papers. They are speaking into large studio micraphones. Brian Huther is featured in the foreground.

Friend Dog Studios’ Seth Macchi on How They Met

Seth Macchi from Friend Dog Studios talks with us about how the guys met, and one of their favorite ways of working together. Melody StewartMelody Stewart is the founder of act.land and President of iactingstudioskc.com. She is a filmmaker in Kansas City.More Posts

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