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A Hard-Working Performer

Found in: ACT Magazine, photo by Kevin McIntyer

14 yr old CARSEN WARNER, is a professional TV, film and voiceover actor. He is best known for his lead role in the film LOVESICK (2014) and for his lead roles in Super Bowl commercials (2012 & 2013) as well as his recurring roles on Disney XD’s KIRBY BUCKETS (2016) and Nickelodeon’s INSTANT MOM (2014 – 2015). Carsen has performed twice for Noah Wyle’s, The Blank Theater’s Young Playwrights Festival (2012 & 2013), with each role considered their most difficult child roles in their 23 year history.

ACT: Do you recommend professional acting training? Yes. There are many different classes and taking them helps to keep you moving forward even when auditions are slow.

ACT: Who would you say was your biggest influence in getting into the entertainment business? Myself. I was three years old when I declared to everyone “I’m an actor”. I bugged my mom about finding me work every day after school. I love it.

ACT: What was it like to work alongside Matt LeBlanc in the film LOVESICK? I enjoyed working with Matt LeBlanc. He is cool. I worked as a lead opposite of him on a feature film, LOVESICK. It was nice working with a seasoned actor. He’d make sure we rehearsed before stepping in front of the camera. I hope I get to work with Matt again.

ACT: Please describe your favorite ‘on-set’ story: The end of the DORITOS SLING BABY commercial was originally to have the grandma and baby sling a bowl of oatmeal at me, so we filmed that. I had oatmeal splat all over my face and body over and over again. The last take the Director, Kevin T. Willson, said that I could splat him with oatmeal after filming. Production got it ready for me and I splat Kevin! We filmed that too. Kevin decided to go with a different ending and the commercial won the million dollar prize in the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest, so I can’t complain.

ACT: How has your family inspired/encouraged you to continue? My family has been great. All my family and my friends, too. I think because I told everyone for years that I’m an actor that they knew I was serious. My parents have been huge supporters. They also want to make sure I have a childhood, so they work hard to balance that. I love working, but I also love playing video games with my friends and going airsofting.

ACT: How do you handle school with your busy schedule? I usually do school first thing in the morning. I’m also in classes for violin and wheel pottery that are flexible. In my spare time, I’m learning LUA programming and how to mod video games.

ACT: Can you please share your best advice to remember at an audition? Focus on yourself and block out others. Their performance doesn’t matter to you. Only what you do matters.

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