Larry Moss appears in a black background wearing a light brown jacket, beige baseball cap and black glasses. He appears to be looking at someone off camera.

Acting Coach Larry Moss Talks About Acting as Life and Life as Acting

Larry Moss has worked with Oscar winning actors Hillary Swank, and Helen Hunt among many others, including Leonardo Dicaprio Michael Clarke Duncun, Hank Azaria and Jim Carey, he is considered to be an acting coach that is a legend in his own time.  Synthesizing the work of the great coaches that have come before him, Meisner, Addler, Hagan and more, Moss adapts his style to the needs of the actor he is working with.   A big believer in script analysis, we covered a lot in this interview. Moss is passionate and informative.  If you’re an actor or interested in the process, watch this show and read his book, “The Intent to Live”.


Melody Stewart

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