A picture of an Alamo Drafthousetheatre with a neon sign of red, black and white featuring the name.

Alamo Drafthouse Officially Coming to Los Angeles in 2018!

The famed Alamo Drafthouse theatre chain will be adding another theatre to their growing list of nation wide locations.  For fans of foreign, art, indie and wide release Hollywood films this is a good thing!  Alamo specializes in a unique film going experience including, casual dining, no pre-show movie trailers or advertisements, and a strict no talking, texting policy.  And beer!  Did I mention beer?  This family owned operation, founded in Austin Texas by Tim and Karrie League in 1977, treats audiences like they want to be treated!

Alamo Drafthouse Officially Coming to Los Angeles in 2018

Melody Stewart

Melody Stewart is the founder of act.land and President of iactingstudioskc.com. She is a filmmaker in Kansas City.

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