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A black and white picture of Marilyn Monroe in a black turtle neck.

Eliza Gale Interviews Writer Tony Jerris

Q: What made you want to write about Marilyn Monroe?   A: As a former New Yorker, I’ve always had a fascination with “all things Hollywood.” Actually, one of my first term papers in college was on the conspiracy theory surrounding Marilyn Monroe’s death and the Kennedy’s. So, when I was introduced t

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Eliza Gale Interviews Actor and Author Basil Hoffman

Basil Hoffman is an actor who appears in the film The Pineville Heist; here is a link to his website:     Q: When did you know you were an actor?   A: When the audience loved me is a partial answer to a question that actually has two parts that need to be answered. 

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Eliza Gales Interviews Actress Caroline DeGraeve

Caroline DeGraeve is an actress who appears in Josh Mitchell’s new film Hard Visit.   Q: What made you interested in working in film?   A: Last summer I was cast as the lead role of Beth Clark, for a western indie film called Cataract Gold. I had no prior experience as an actor but the dir

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