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Friend Dog Studios Says, ‘It’s 2018’!

Well, it’s that time again, mid-term elections are coming up and we need to know what year it is.  If you’re feeling frustrated with  the current events in 2018, you’re going to relate to this video in a big way.  So basically everyone will relate.  If you have a an expectation tha

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Friend Dog Studios Does it Again with “Drunk Trump”!

Is your anxiety over our current President’s decision making getting you down?  Are wondering if it’s possible to move to Sweden?  Are you investing in a high end bomb shelter?  Because they have those you know.  Well, if any of these prediciments sound familiar, we have a solution.  Wat

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The End of the F***ing World – Pretty F***ing Great

    Is it the end of the world?  Sometimes it really feels like it.  Now imagine you’re 17, living in some English suburbia, smarter than the people around you want you to be, and completely f***ed up.  If you can do that, or something close to it, then you can relate to this story.

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