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A headshot of a smiling Mark Valeriano with long brown hair and brown eyes.

Eliza Gale Interviews Actor Mark Valeriano

  Q: What made you interested in acting?     A: I had the most incredible, life changing experience when I was in school at FAU in Boca Raton FL. I had no idea what I was doing with my life, I was just going to school for a communication degree and then I found this opportunity to be a feature extra

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The three guys from Friend Dog Studios sitting on a couch with a tv screen behind them reading,

The Joy of Memeing with Bob Ross, Friend Dog Studios

If you ever watched Bob Ross paint on PBS you’ll love this spoof on Bob Ross using technology.  Friend Dog Studios really got creative with this one!  “If you’ve memed with me before, you know there are no mistakes, just dank little accidents.”  If you’ve memed with me

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A headshot of actor Chris Bylsma in cepea tones, wearing a brown colared shirt.

The Filmmaking in Scott Frank’s “Godless”

The Technique Scott Frank uses suspense masterfully as a subtle underlying energy while the story plays out.  We are waiting for Griffin to find Roy, and at the same time living every moment with the other characters and their own equally important stories.  Another impressive quality in this film i

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A poster of the series,

Netflix’ “Godless” Reminds Us of the Power and Strength of Love

A Holy Thing...The preacher in Godless reminds us that it is "...a holy thing, to love".  We need reminding because so often it seems anything but holy. Sometimes it seems heavy, when we raise a family, when we care for our elderly parents.  Sometimes it seems light, when we first fall in love, when

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Friend Dog Studios logo. Bold black letters on a white background in block formation,

Friend Dog Studios, “The Ultimate Taco Salad”!

Who needs The Cooking Network when you have Seth Macchi and “The Ultimate Taco Salad”?  It’s so easy, anyone can do it.  Literally.  Enjoy in your own home! Melody StewartMelody Stewart is the founder of and President of She is a filmmaker in Kansas C

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A close up picture of actor Seth Macchi. He's wearing a navy blue tee-shirt. His bright blue eyes reflect the color of his shirt and he smiles effortlessly at the camera.

Friend Dog Studios’ Seth Macchi on ” The Ultimate Taco Salad”

With Thanksgiving just days away, we thought that perhaps a little cooking lesson would be in order.  Seth walks us through the one ingredient taco salad recipe, and wow, so simple and so delicious!  Take a look!  More Friend Dog Studios.  Support FDS on Patreon! Melody StewartMelody Stewart is the

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