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A picture of actor, Skeet Ulrich laying hands on a man to heal him.

Goin’ Way Back: “Touch”, True Love in All Its Forms

I first saw the movie "Touch" when it came out in 1997.  I was living in Burbank, CA with my boyfriend, and working in the film production side of the business.  I had no idea who Skeet Ulrich was or for that matter who the author of the book the film is based on was.  Years later, both Ulrich and w

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A promotional poster for

Altered Carbon: Different Body, Same Soul

Netflix’s Altered Carbon has been called many things:  Violent, dystopian cyber-punk, Sci-fi futuristic film noir, sexy murder mystery...and it all applies.  Perhaps most accurate is the old adage, “Everything old is new again”...and again.  In a culture whose foundation is based on mechanical reinc

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Promo poster from Nickelodian's show,

Never Before Seen Kid’s Auditions! So Cute!

“Wanna know how the cast of Henry Danger got their parts? Check out this never-before-seen audition footage from Jace Norman (Henry) at age 13, Riele Downs (Charlotte) at age 12, and Sean Ryan Fox (Jasper) at age 12! Then catch more Henry Danger on Nick!” Nickelodeon YouTube Channel Melo

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A black and white poster of actors, Brian Huther and Ben Auxier. Brian is holding Ben back from grabbing the viewer, with his arm outstretched and a funny and slightly scary snarl on his face.

NASA Announcement, Space: It’s Really Big!

Space, the final frontier, and apparently, according to pretend NASA space expert Ben Auxier, really, really frightening!  NASA and Friend Dog Studios has done it again with an informative if not a little emotional update on the latest scientific research in to space.  Watch and learn people. Melody

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A close up picture of actor Tom Hardy sitting in a darkened car, tearing up.

The Best Acting of All Time – Part III

In “The Best Acting of All Time” you’ll find the greats with the unknown actors, but that’s the beauty of the art.  There are actors and films out there just waiting to be discovered!  Watch and enjoy! Melody StewartMelody Stewart is the founder of and President of i

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A picture of dancers in a 1920's Berlin jazz club, wild and crazy, dancing and drinking. The captions are in German.

Babylon Berlin: Booze, Sex and Jazz (and politics)

The German television series based on the novels of Volker Kutscher reveals a dark, noirist Berlin of 1929 whose dark secrets, white lies and daily routines could fill the diaries of every fallen angel from Heaven.  After watching this binge worthy show on Netflix you might find yourself asking, “Do

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