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C2D2 Films Presents, “Spot One, Take…”

Reverse negative pictures of actors Davis De Rock and Chad Crenshaw in Karate poses in front of a bright purple background with the words C2D2 Films is bright yellow in the foreground.
Davis DeRock and Chad Crenshaw C2D2 Films.

Ever wondered how voice-overs for commercials are made?  Chad Crenshaw and Davis DeRock from C2D2 Films made a great video about the ups and downs of commercial production.  “Spot One, Take…” was made for Tall Grass Beer and you know they have to be happy with the results.  Davis DeRock as the producer really works the slow burn of frustration well.  The beer drinking actor, Parker Johnson gets to show off his incredible range, and actors Seth Basket and Trey Hock do a great job remaining in character despite the temptation to break.  So sit back, crack open a cold one, and enjoy!

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