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C2D2 Presents, “Industry Standards…” (Wait, we have standards?)

Reverse negative pictures of actors Davis De Rock and Chad Crenshaw in Karate poses in front of a bright purple background with the words C2D2 Films is bright yellow in the foreground.
Davis DeRock and Chad Crenshaw C2D2 Films.

Every actor who wants to work in film and television wants to get an agent in Los Angeles.  How hard is it to get one?  Well, that depends on your type, your training, your luck and of course, if you’re meeting on the fifth day of the fifth month in a leap year where there is both a blue moon and a solar eclipse.  It’s just that easy.  C2D2 Films’ Davis De Rock and Chad Crenshaw reveal the sometimes random way Hollywood works.  If you can relate to this sketch, well, you’re welcome.  Leave us a comment about your own experience.  If you can’t relate, you’re very lucky.  Sit back, relax and enjoy someone else’s headache.

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