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Throughout her career, Carrie Fisher didn’t back down.  That is what I admired about her the most.  Through her personal trials of drug addiction and the ups and downs of her career, she hung in there and ultimately prevailed.  My best friend and I frequently quote from her character in the film, When Harry Met Sally, “Everyone thinks they have good taste and a sense of humor, but they can’t possibly all have good taste!”  Her character, Marie was trying to dissuade her boyfriend from putting a wagon wheel coffee table in their living room.   As one writer (whose name I can’t remember, sorry!) recently put it, “The fight over the wagon wheel is a fight between a man and woman, a couple moving in together, about who has better taste. But also about being vulnerable enough to acknowledge someone’s might be better than yours.”

The writer continues, “There’s a lesson in the scene, though Ephron and Fisher were too good at writing to spell it out. I’m not on their level, so here it goes.
You’re going to be wrong sometimes, and have no idea. So surround yourself with people you trust.
And then trust them.”  Carrie Fisher will always remind me that it is our frailties and our strength to overcome them that make us who we are.



Watch the Emotional Carrie Fisher Tribute Video Presented by Her Daughter Billie Lourd at Star Wars Celebration

By Kate Erbland

Fisher’s daughter capped off an emotional panel with a tribute to her mother at the Orlando event.

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