A picture of an older man with grey hair and a black suit jacket holding up a Golden Globe award.

The Best Acting of All Time – Compilation Part III

It is a high bar to be called, "The Best Acting of All Time".  This acting compilation demonstrates why.  They are highly charged and...
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What is a Career Coach?

Barbara Deutsch discusses her career as a career coach and how it can help actors. https://youtu.be/FPfbYAGFDh4
Actor Ben Auxier poses for his black and white headshot photo. He's wearing a button down jean shirt with a black tie. His deep brown eyes and easy smile are accentuated by a black background.

Ben Auxier on Why He Became an Actor

Friend Dog Studios' Ben Auxier talks about why he became an actor.  How did his mother feel?  You'll have to watch to find out! https://vimeo.com/229665357
Reverse negative pictures of actors Davis De Rock and Chad Crenshaw in Karate poses in front of a bright purple background with the words C2D2 Films is bright yellow in the foreground.

C2D2 Films’ Low Spirits – A Little Spooky, A lot Funny

Davis DeRock and Chad Crenshaw star in this funny, spooky, supernatural film about a guy who meets a psychotherapist who doesn't know he's a...
A picture of a group of kids, huddled together, smiling and giving the thumbs up.

Kids Casting Tells Us What to Avoid During an Audition

What to Avoid During an Audition We always discuss tips and tricks for helping you kid land an audition, from sharing our favourite acting...

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailers – You’ve Just Gotta Love Them!

I don't know about you, but I find all these characters endearing!  All of them!  I guess that's the magic of this franchise -...

Friend Dog Studios Presents, “Shaving Sasquatch”

Three men in the heart of the sticks, highly skilled and deeply motivated. Together, they aim to do one thing... Find Sasquatch. Shave Sasquatch....
A little African American boy wearing blue pants,a white shirt with a tie and a white fidora is sitting clapping.

KidsCasting Parent Academy: Secrets of Success

Going out on auditions can be tough on any actor.  But what if your child wants to audition for shows?  What do you tell...
A picture of Leonardo DiCaprio smiling with the sun shining on his face.

Famous Actors Give Us Advice on Acting

Leonardo DiCaprio, Judy Dench, and Keira Knightley are just a few of the actors talking about what they love about acting and why they...
The movie poster of "Murder on the Orient Express" featuring actor director, Kenneth Branaugh.

Michelle Pfeiffer on Her New Film and the Weinstein Scandal

Actress Michelle Pfeiffer talks about her new film, Murder on the Orient Express.  She plays a woman travelling alone during a time when that didn't...
Carolyne Barry, a woman with short blonde hair and brown eyes smiling at the camera. Green, leafy trees in the background are out of focus.

Carolyn Barry on Acting for the Camera vs. Stage Acting

Stage actors need to learn skills for acting on television, and casting director/teacher Carolyne Barry gives some insight.  A huge part of working in...