Actor Interviews

Eliza Gale Interviews Actor and Author Basil Hoffman

Basil Hoffman is an actor who appears in the film The Pineville Heist; here is a link to his website:     Q: When did you know...

Carrie Fisher on The Stephen Colbert Report

To piggyback on our Carrie Fisher Tribute, we're posting this great interview with Stephen Colbert about her memoir and her role in the Star...
A picture of actor Anthony Meindl in a black v-neck tee-shirt wearing dark reading glasses. The title says, "Backstage..."

"You want to walk into your acting class and be the model student?  Then stop trying to be the model student. That's just one...
Actor Ben Auxier poses for his black and white headshot photo. He's wearing a button down jean shirt with a black tie. His deep brown eyes and easy smile are accentuated by a black background.

Friend Dog Studios’ Ben Auxier on Sincerity in Acting

Ben Auxier of Friend Dog Studios sat down with founder, Melody Stewart to discuss the importance of sincerity in acting.  No matter what...

An Interview with Actor and Documentarian Kalon Jackson

Kalon Jackson is an actor and documentarian. Read the Interview
A picture of Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford in a dystopian city of neon and blue hues.

Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford Lose it in Hilarious Interview!

With the new Blade Runner movie out Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford have been making the rounds doing interviews around the world.  This happens...

Melody Stewart, Founder of Act.Land

Melody Stewart welcomes new viewers to  Check out all we have to offer!    
A picture of actor Aslessandro Marino standing against a wall. He's wearing a dark grey tee-shirt with the sleeves cut off showing his muscular arms crossed at his chest.

Eliza Gale Interviews Actor Alessandro Marino!

Alessandro Marino is an actor who appears in the new series, "Manny’s Garage Sale"; here is a link to his website:   Q: When did you know...
The three Friend Dog Studios guys, Brian Huther, Ben Auxier and Seth Macchi sit together at a long table covered in papers. They are speaking into large studio micraphones. Brian Huther is featured in the foreground.

Friend Dog Studios’ Seth Macchi on How They Met

Seth Macchi from Friend Dog Studios talks with us about how the guys met, and one of their favorite ways of working together.

An Interview With Actor Marcus Alexander

Marcus Alexander is an actor who appears in the film, Jerry. Read the Interview

An Interview with Brian Harrington

Brian Harrington is an actor who appears in the film Crowning Jules; here is a link to his website:   Q: What made you interested in...
Friend Dog Studios logo. Bold black letters on a white background in block formation,"Friend" then under that, "Dog" and under that "Studios" in all caps/

Want to be an Actor?

Friend Dog Studios' Ben Auxier talks about his mother's reaction when he told her he wanted to be an actor.  But he did it...