The movie poster of "Murder on the Orient Express" featuring actor director, Kenneth Branaugh.

Michelle Pfeiffer on Her New Film and the Weinstein Scandal

Actress Michelle Pfeiffer talks about her new film, Murder on the Orient Express.  She plays a woman travelling alone during a time when that didn't...
A picture of actor Mark Ruffalo wearing a dark suit jacket and a jean shirt. He has dark brown hair and warm brown eyes.

Mark Ruffalo on His Long Road to Success as an Actor

The Beginning Actor Mark Ruffalo talks candidly about the long road to success as an actor, and about the personal challenges he's faced in his...
A close up picture of actor, Seth Macchi with

Improvisation and Creating Characters

Actor, writer and comedian, Seth Macchi from Friend Dog Studios talks with about how the creative team of FDS works together to create...

An Interview With Montetré

Montetré is the writer and director of the independent film HOLED-UP. Read the Interview
A close up picture of actor Jake Gyllenhaal smiling sheepishly at the camera.

Jake Gyllenhaal on Acting, Film and Family

  " In 'the all-consuming business of making movies', it's very easy to be side-tracked from your priorities, reflects Jake Gyllenhaal, as he discusses what...

An Interview With Actor Brett Leigh

Brett Leigh is an actor who plays Jack Lemmon in Near Myth: The Oskar Night Story. Read the Interview

An Interview With Actress Penelope Lagos

Penelope Lagos is an actress who appears in the film The Jersey Devil. Q: What is The Jersey Devil about? A: The Jersey Devil is about the original Devil... Read Entire Interview

An Interview With Actor Sriram Parthasarathy

Sriram Parthasarathy is a Chicago based actor who has appeared in many short films and in the series Outta Air. Read Interview
A beautiful blonde woman stares at a jukebox with her finger on her lips as she tries to choose a song. The logo of Jukebox International Film Festival appears overlayed on the picture.

Eliza Gales Interviews Jukebox Film Festival Director Darla Bayer

Q:  What made you interested in starting Juke Box International Film Festival? A: It all started when I discovered the 48 Hour Film Project. I...
A picture of the cast of "Murder on the Prient Express" in period 1920's costumes on the train.

Murder on the Orient Express’ Actors Compete in Hilarious Quiz

There are many things we don't know about the actors in Murder on the Orient Express.  Some of these things are interesting, some are just...
Friend Dog Studios logo. Bold black letters on a white background in block formation,"Friend" then under that, "Dog" and under that "Studios" in all caps/

Friend Dog Studios, “Ask Us Anything” (They might answer.)

In "Ask Us Anything" the guys from Friend Dog Studios answer questions like, "Who are the mentors who inspired and nurtured your creativity?"  "What...
A close up picture of actor Seth Macchi. He's wearing a navy blue tee-shirt. His bright blue eyes reflect the color of his shirt and he smiles effortlessly at the camera.

Friend Dog Studios’ Seth Macchi on His Character, Jimmy Britches

If ever there were a character who reminds you of your cousin who never moved on from high school, muscle cars and Van Halen,...