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Roswell vs.Roswell New Mexico

For those of you who’ve been around long enough to remember watching “Roswell” on the WB network as an adult, you may be surprised... child actors are jumping up and reaching for the stars, with black titles above there heads. Brings You “Is Acting or Modeling Right for Your Kid?”

Kids Casting has some great advice for parents on knowing if their child has the appropriate temperment for acting and modeling.  They also outline...

Carrie Fisher on The Stephen Colbert Report

To piggyback on our Carrie Fisher Tribute, we're posting this great interview with Stephen Colbert about her memoir and her role in the Star...
A picture of a group of kids, huddled together, smiling and giving the thumbs up.

Kids Casting Tells Us What to Avoid During an Audition

What to Avoid During an Audition We always discuss tips and tricks for helping you kid land an audition, from sharing our favourite acting...
Actress Charlize Theron stands in a bar wearing a strapy little black number and smoking a cigarrette.

Is Atomic Blonde the Female James Bond?

Atomic Blonde Director: David Leitch Release Date: July 28, 2017 Rated: R Firstly, I want to confess that I love the James Bond movies.  I say 'confess' because...

Eliza Gale Interviews Actor and Author Basil Hoffman

Basil Hoffman is an actor who appears in the film The Pineville Heist; here is a link to his website:     Q: When did you know...

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is Back!

Maggie Samek reviews The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and of course she's completely and totally spot on....and marvelous in her own right!
Reverse negative pictures of actors Davis De Rock and Chad Crenshaw in Karate poses in front of a bright purple background with the words C2D2 Films is bright yellow in the foreground.

Actor Chad Crenshaw and the Forming of C2D2

Kansas City actor and filmmaker, Chad Crenshaw talks with Melody Stewart about how he and his partner in crime, Davis DeRock met.
A picture of an old fashioned television camera with the words "iSelf Tape" written below it.

Introducing iSelf Tape, A Better, Easier Way to Send Your Audition

10 Tips For Great Self Tapes Posted on August 9, 2017August 10, 2017 by Bob Stewart Why Are More People Self Taping? In the fast paced...
From The Last Kingdom, Netflix Series

The Last Kingdom – Netflix’s Wonderful and Brutal Viking Drama

“Fate is inexorable”, and so we must accept what the Norns under the earth, under the Tree of Life, are weaving for us.  We...
A picture of Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford in a dystopian city of neon and blue hues.

Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford Lose it in Hilarious Interview!

With the new Blade Runner movie out Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford have been making the rounds doing interviews around the world.  This happens...

Funniest Thing Ever on Whose Line Is It Anyway

Sometimes great comedy happens with a lot of rehearsal and organization, like on a film, and sometimes great comedy just happens...If you remember the...