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My child wants to perform – now what?

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Your child has expressed an interest in acting or modeling. You want to support it. Now what? Where do you start?

Before you let your child pursue Acting or Modeling, it’s important to ask yourself these crucial questions:

1. What is your child’s calling?

Is your child most interested in theater, or will they have more luck with commercials? Or maybe modeling is their calling? Fortunately, you don’t need extensive tests to tell you what activities capture your child’s attention, spark their imagination and excite them. You just need to observe! Try to pay attention of the things your child chooses to do when they’re not pressured to please anyone – and you’ll be on the right path!

2. Have you and your child discussed rejection?

One of the downsizes of the entertainment industry is the amount of rejection it brings. Kids who pursue professional performing careers get rejected more often than they get cast, but it’s very important to remember that it’s just part of the job, and has little to do with your child’s talents or abilities. Explain to your child that even if they don’t get the part/photo shoot/ etc., that doesn’t mean they are not made for this career. It’s just that it takes practice and endurance to succeed in it.

3. How good are your time management skills?

Being a parent is a balancing act, especially if you also work full time. And adding another endevour to your child’s schedule can be intimidating, what with the driving to auditions and learning the monologues. So try to amp up your time management skills – for example, try to make plans ahead and prioritizing certain engagements over others. Just remember – if your child really enjoys performing, it will be worth it in the long run!

4. Is there a child performer law in your state?

If your child was cast in any type of payed job, whether it’s acting or modeling, you might want to find out if the state that you live in has child performer laws, or Coogan-type laws. These types of laws may require parents to set aside a percentage of their child’s earnings, with the child being able to receive these funds after they turn 18. Some states have a strict set percentage that is required to go directly to child after they become of age. However, some states have a more flexible policy.

5. Why and how to do it?

Acting and Modeling can be very beneficial for kids. It improves confidence and social skills, as well as gives an opportunity for new friendships and ways of self-expression. However, the world of professional acting and modeling is a big commitment, not to mention that it’s also a competitive world with many ups and downs. To make it easier for you to navigate this exciting new world of kid’s Acting and Modeling, we’ve created this Resources Section, where you can find out all about the ins and outs of kid’s entertainment business!



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