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Cutting trailers…how movies get marketed

A movie poster from the original Blade Runner movie. Harrison Ford a nd Sean Young appear in the futuristic scene.
Blade Runner Movie poster from 1982.

This is the “official” trailer.  Looking at this one, its definately a
trailer marketed for 1982 audiences. It wouldn’t make me want to watch
the film today, but I can see why they cut it the way they did.
Interestingly, I think its Morgan Paull, the guy who played Holden
(the Bladerunner who gets shot) doing the voiceover.  It’s clearly not
Harrison Ford doing the voice, which takes me out of it as well. But
it’s what was used.

This is the trailer that really makes the movie feel more modern. They
use very Adobe after effects kind of “sci fi fonts” and tricks to trick
out the trailer, and audio filters to make it seem a bit more techy.
But it’s effective, especially trying to capture “new” audiences.
Notice the jump cuts, and modern sound effects added. There is even
a score from THE FOUNTAIN.

This is the film noir fan made trailer, and it is very well made in
tone and pace. It highlights the atmosphere created in the story.

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