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Friend Dog Studios’ Ben Auxier on “Shaving Sasquatch”

Actor Ben Auxier poses for his black and white headshot photo. He's wearing a button down jean shirt with a black tie. His deep brown eyes and easy smile are accentuated by a black background.
Actor Ben Auxier

Actor/Comedian Ben Auxier talks with act.land’s Melody Stewart about how he discovered and developed his character on the Friend Dog Studios’ series, “Shaving Sasquatch”.  How much fun is it to go out into the woods and search for a mythical creature?  You might be surprised.  Ben Auxier, Brian Huther and Seth Macchi take their jobs very seriously.  If you’re like the guys, you might find yourself thinking, “What does the Sasquatch really want?”  “Is he too hairy for polite company?”  “Might he want to go to the Prom?”  All your questions might be answered…

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