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Friend Dog Studios’ “Fake News Now”

Friend Dog Studios logo. Bold black letters on a white background in block formation,
Brian Huther, Ben Auxier and Seth Macchi star in Friend Dog Studios crazy fun videos.

Brian Huther and Ben Auxier make especially talented news anchors in their new news show, “Fake News Now”.  No matter what your politics, you’ve gotta love these guys as they point out the many absurdities of our modern lives.  In fact, not long ago I was watching the “real” news and they actually put up a grid of journalists on the screen, closely resembling the one in “Fake News Now”.  These guys must be paying attention.  It’s probably good that someone is.  Probably…

Seth Macchi is their roving reporter breaking down the news into bite sized pieces we can all digest.  Unfortunately, we all end up with indigestion.  It turns out, the news actually has to make sense for that to happen.  Oh well.

As frustration abounds, Ben and Brian do their best to make sense of it all.  Good for them!  Their desire to understand the world leads to what Freud referred to as, “Neurosis” or “The inability to stop worrying about something”.  I’m paraphrasing (despite the quotation marks).  Well, we can all relate.  With any luck, and we really need some about now, this news parody will reduce the level of neurosis in your life.  We can maybe get a doctor to attest to that on the internet.  In fact, I’m sure we can.  I’ll search YouTube now.

So sit back and relax.  Seth, Brian and Ben will do all the worrying for you.  If you have any stories you’d like them to obsess over, drop them a line at https://frienddogstudios.com and they’ll check into it, most likely, unless it’s news that makes sense, in which case you’re out of luck.  But really, how likely is that to happen?



For more “Fake News Now” find them on YouTube – They’re really easy to find.  I promise.  Really.  Go there now.

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