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Friend Dog Studios’ Making a Masterpiece – Part 2, “The Process”

Friend Dog Studios logo. Bold black letters on a white background in block formation,
Brian Huther, Ben Auxier and Seth Macchi star in Friend Dog Studios crazy fun videos.

So, I’d like to start this review off with a new title for the video.  From hence forth “Making a Masterpiece – Part 2, The Process” will now be called, “This Guy’s Cat”.  Watch and you will see how much better that title is.  Any good comedy sketch has characters who remind us of ourselves (if we’re being honest) or people we know.  Ben Auxier’s character reminds me of several relatives I have in North Carolina, or of the writer William Faulkner, I can’t decide which is a better match.  Seth Macchi’s character reminds me of a particularly rude acting teacher, the kind you cannot avoid no matter how much you try, when you’re getting you BA in Theatre Arts.  And Brian Huther’s character, my favorite, says things like, “Writing is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, other than one time when I was holding a ladder for my friend.  I was so bored.”  I don’t know who he reminds me of, but I love him!

Of course the PBS “Masterpiece Theatre”-like music is appropriate, and the incessant drinking is a key characteristic of any writer worth their salt.  Sure, their process is messy, weird, confrontational and comedic.  But any good process is!  Watch and enjoy because “The Product” is coming next.  This should be good!

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