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The three Friend Dog Studios guys, Brian Huther, Ben Auxier and Seth Macchi sit together at a long table covered in papers. They are speaking into large studio micraphones. Brian Huther is featured in the foreground.
The Friend Dog Studios guys, Brian Huther, Ben Auxier and Seth Macchi in a Kansas City radio interview.

Friend Dog Studios are the funniest comedians/actors I’ve seen in a long time.  And trust me, I’m old.  I’ve seen a lot.  I have two children…one of them is a teenager!  We all need to laugh.  It’s a scientifically proven fact.  Something about blood pressure, reduced cortisol levels, dopamine…I don’t know.  All I know is that I feel better after watching their videos, and who doesn’t want to feel better?  Perhaps even good?

Okay, three guys walk into a bar…(I had to do it!).  Yes, it’s one of the oldest and most cherished opening lines of a joke, but in Friend Dogs’ case, it happens to be true.  Well, I don’t know about the bar part but there are three of them and they’re young and carefree; they could’ve met in a bar.  Regardless, Brian Huther, Seth Macchi and Ben Auxier are partners in this wildly funny group, and their chemistry and talent come together in ways that make me hold my sides and guffaw.

My Favorite Webisode So Far

So far….it’s hard to choose, but I think I have to go with, Art Work.  It’s one of their earliest pieces, #4 in their Webisode.  I love it because I remember being young and wanting to change the world with my art.  I also remember having jobs that closely resembled the “hitting thumb with hammer” job.  I too was a “why guy” or gal.  So, I’m starting off my love fest with Friend Dog Studios with Art Work.  The only “why question” you’ll be asking yourself is, “Why can’t I see more?”.  Don’t worry, you can.

My Favorite Sketch So Far

This may be slightly annoying to them, I don’t know, but while all of them are great, my favorite is the Drunk Trump series.  Come on, in this crazy political climate where reality plays more like comedy, we need this.  I need this!  Brian Huther’s frighteningly realistic portrayal of Donald Trump as a drunk frat boy is not only dead on, but funny enough to keep me (and others, I suspect) from running out into traffic and setting our hair on fire.  Thank you Brian!

Okay, One More.  Just because I love it.

Siri Beatbox Rap  If you don’t love this, you don’t love music, romance, strange internet relationships, and a whole bunch of other stuff that Siri can probably tell you about.  Ben Auxier, if Siri can’t see what a great guy you are, there are plenty of other platforms that will!

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Melody Stewart is the founder of act.land and President of iactingstudioskc.com. She is a filmmaker in Kansas City.