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Iconic Movie Scenes That Were Never Supposed to Happen

A picture of Marlon Brando in a tuxedo with black tie, in his darkened study talking to a man in a white suit, whose face we cannot see, from
Marlon Brando and Al Pacino in "The Godfather"

We all have our favorite movies, and while filmmaking is a subjective art, there are some films destined to become icons of the their genre.  In these iconic movie scenes, we see some pretty well known movies with famous actors, who, for one reason or another created magic through the use of improvisation.  While actors quite often use improve to develop characters and create better relationships with other actors in a scene, rarely are they given the freedom to improvise on the spot while the camera is rolling, so to speak.  These clips are the scenes that worked. It is a gift to be able to explore the scene and character fully, but it definitely paid off for these actors and directors.

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