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Casting Executive Amy Jo Berman Talks Network Casting

Amy Jo Berman appears in a closeup picture, with a white background accentuating her dark hair and eyes. She is smiling.
Casting Director Amy Jo Berman.
A close up picture of casting director Amy Jo Berman. She has dark hair and eyes and a bringht smile. The sun shines on her hair as she sits in a garden.
Casting director Amy Jo Berman.

Former HBO Casting Executive, Amy Jo Berman talks about the differences between casting individual projects and working for a large network like HBO.  There is a different mind set in casting for a large company because you are looking at projects from a broader perspective.  In other words, “How is this a good project?”  “How is this project good for the network?”  As an actor, what do you need to understand in order to network effectively with both individual casting directors and executives?  Find out in this video.  For more information about Amy Jo Berman’s background and experience, watch part 1 in this series.