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Jake Gyllenhaal on Acting, Film and Family

A close up picture of actor Jake Gyllenhaal smiling sheepishly at the camera.
Jake Gyllenhaal smiles!


” In ‘the all-consuming business of making movies’, it’s very easy to be side-tracked from your priorities, reflects Jake Gyllenhaal, as he discusses what makes a great script, the importance of education, and his admiration of Paul Newman.”  Guru
With Jake Gyllenhaal’s new film, “Stronger” premiering this past weekend, we thought it important to remind readers of why they should care about him and his films.  He makes the most brilliant choices both in acting and the films he chooses.  Leave us a comment on your favorite or how you might disagree.  Of course, we can’t imagine you disagreeing, but if you dare, go ahead.

My personal favorite:  “Broke-Back Mountain”.  What’s yours?

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