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Master Acting Teacher Richard Seyd on “Being in the Moment”

A headshot of Richard Seyd, Master acting teacher. He has a friendly, open face, a wide smile and bright blue eyes. His gray hair is cut short and a bit tosseled.
Richard Seyd, Master acting teacher, of Seydways Acting Studios.

Richard Seyd explores a different way actors can approach learning their lines.  This is the first video of the “Being in the Moment” series, despite being #3, in which he teaches actors to be in the moment by first finding the moments in the writing, not the beats, not the overall objective, but the personal moments.  Rather then coming at a scene in the traditional way that we’ve all been taught:  What is my overall objective?  How do I want to accomplish it?  What are the beats?  He begins to explore the question of what the emotion of the scene is.  Quite fascinating, and hopefully, helpful to you, Richard seeks to take the fear out of memorizing your lines and rehearsing, and puts in the fun!  After all, that’s why we do it.