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It’s Monday and You Might be Feeling Like This

Friend Dog Studios logo. Bold black letters on a white background in block formation,
Brian Huther, Ben Auxier and Seth Macchi star in Friend Dog Studios crazy fun videos.

Brian Huther of Friend Dog Studios brings us his podcast, “Blanket, Pillow, Brian Podcast”.  Sure, it’s not the catchiest of names, but to be fair, he did come up with it while he was sleeping.  Friend Dog Studios makes Mondays worth getting out of bed for, really!  And they have lots of other videos that make Tuesday, Wednesday and even Thursday worth getting out of bed for.  If you don’t believe me then go to youtube and see for yourself.  You can even do that from your bed.  Yes, fellow actor, writer, Sprint employee, network executive, teenager, stay at home mom, elementary aged child who should not be surfing youtube alone, I’m talking to you!



It’s Monday and you might be feeling like this.  If you are, I’m so sorry – please be cheered by the thought that you are not alone; Brian feels the same way.  So get out of bed, but please continue watching act.land!  Maybe think about doing a podcast of your own…

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