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PWN3D, Franco Leng’s Quirky Tale

Franco Leng’s feature film PWN3D is a quirky tale that has a similar tone to Scott Pilgrim VS the World (2017) with a dash more absurd and strange humor. It has comedy, strange characters, and a talking goldfish. Joe is an Asian American boy who is playing an unseen video game with his best friend Bo. Joe is having a hard time beating the game while also not winning at life. He must confront his weaknesses and decide whether he can make the right move at the right time, and win.  

Easily this was the funniest film at the festival.  With excellent comedic timing of the actors paired with an over the top style in camera angles and sophomoric humor, the film is a labor of love. It took the director, crew and actors several years to make the film.  Re-shoots, cancelled actors, and much more seemed to delay the finish of the film.  Once the finish line was crossed in post production, the results are laugh out loud funny.

This 70 minute live action cartoon must be seen to be believed.  Highly recommended.



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