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“Snatched”, Leaves Audiences Wanting Something More

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Lonita Cook is a BetterKC Film Critic (KCTV5), and the author of the paranormal romance novel, The Chronicles of Cyn: Awaken the Sleeper.  She is also a board member of CinemaKC and a Kansas City Women in Film & Television mentor. She lives in Kansas City with the great loves of her life: her son and two daughters.  Act.land is pleased to have her as a contributing writer on our site!

What more could be anticipated from a girl-power action adventure? There’s an exotic country-scape, quirky characters, a bit of genre critical humor and a standard of femininity that represents the everyday woman.


Capturing audiences just in time for Mother’s Day, “Snatched,” directed by Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies), has all this and a little more, including perfectly placed eye candies. Even with these genre staples, the comedy starring Amy Schumer and entertainment icon Goldie Hawn leaves plenty to be desired.


Emily Middleton (Schumer) languishes between delusions of grandeur concerning the condition of her social life and the real and deep need to be loved. After two major rejections, there is no one and nothing left, except two tickets to the jungle. It is only after realizing how her mother Linda “My Mother” Middleton (Hawn), with whom she has a rocky relationship, surrendered her life to motherhood; how she had been an outgoing partier much like herself, that Emily decides to take her mom on the vacation.


Once the opulence of the Amazonian resort and the company of a beautiful British journeyman has Emily entirely intoxicated, she completely lets loose, exposing her emotional and quite naughty vulnerabilities.


The whirlwind of drinking, dancing and daydreaming crumbles into darkness when Emily and Linda are kidnapped in a tourist extortion ring. Escape, not only from their captors but from an unfamiliar country with the aid of an agoraphobic brother and an apathetic federal agent, spins the mother/daughter duo into the most dangerous and fantastic adventure ever.


Or is it?


“Snatched” yearns to be a solid tale of discovery, love and experiential growth. With the lengthy set-up introducing the shaky family dynamics and misery-driven self-deprecation, the film promises to address these very heart wrenching and universal themes. However, the soul is snatched from the core of the movie– the bond and bridge between mother and daughter that can carry them across all challenges– by the stand-up comedian-turned-star as she clings to her Shumerisms, missing every opportunity for emotional depth.


True human circumstance seems misshapen in Schumer’s hands, especially as she plays opposite a comedy heavyweight who knows how to both deliver laughs and elicit passion.


To top off this misstep, comedy veterans Wanda Sykes and Joan Cusack are thoroughly wasted.


Audiences will be moved to laughter by comedy sketch after comedy sketch, even as they’re strung together by a thin plot. They will be pleasantly mortified by the outrageous distances the movie travels to tickle its viewers, but in the end the audience will be left asking: is this all there is?

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Lonita Cook is a BetterKC Film Critic (KCTV5), and the author of the paranormal romance novel, The Chronicles of Cyn: Awaken the Sleeper.