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Stephanie Lesh-Ferral at CAPS

Los Angeles actress and kid’s acting  coach Stephanie Lesh-Ferral made an appearance in Overland Park at the CAPS center as a part of the on-going acting classes and workshops she teaches for iActing Studios KC.  An excited class of students from Blue Valley schools came together to attend this three hour workshop, most of them meeting Stephanie for the first time.   For most of the students this was their first experience in an acting class and for others it was an opportunity to learn from someone outside the familiar circle of Kansas City teachers.

In this workshop class, Stephanie focused on scene study, teaching students how to work with a partner and how to get the most out of a scene.  Students learned how to use body language to relate better to one another in a scene and create a short back story to help better tell the story.  They learned how to dissect the language of the scene and fill the dialogue with their character’s intensions or desires.

Fun is a critical component in teaching children and teens and Stephanie did not disappoint!  We look forward to having her back for another workshop soon.  Stephanie also teaches an on-going class for iActing Studios KC for kids and teens via Skype.  Check it out on our website!  http://www.iactingstudioskc.com.

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Melody Stewart is the founder of act.land and President of iactingstudioskc.com. She is a filmmaker in Kansas City.