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A picture of dancers in a 1920's Berlin jazz club, wild and crazy, dancing and drinking. The captions are in German.

Babylon Berlin: Booze, Sex and Jazz (and politics)

The German television series based on the novels of Volker Kutscher reveals a dark, noirist Berlin of 1929 whose dark secrets, white lies and daily routines could fill the diaries of every fallen angel from Heaven.  After watching this binge worthy show on Netflix you might find yourself asking, “Do

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A picture of the lead male character in Peaky Blinders. He's wearing a suit and tie with a grey overcoat and grey cap. He carries a machine gun over his shoulder.

Top 10 Peaky Blinders Moments from Watch Mojo UK

BBC’s Peaky Blinders transports us to 1920’s Birmingham, England and dares us to leave.  You won’t want to, despite the violence and blood, because the story and acting demand your attention.  Watch Mojo UK counts down their top ten moments of the series so far, and they don’

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