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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Rarely do you see a show so clever, feminist, funny and exceptional in so many ways, make it to television.  Well, at least the pilot did, and I for one, am hoping for more!  First of all, there are at least two really strong, interesting, female characters Midge Maisel, (played by Rachel Elizabeth Brosnahan) and Susie, (played by Alex Bornstein), second, almost every character has intelligent, witty, funny dialogue particular to their own idiosyncrasies (and boy, do they have some!), and third, it has Alex Bornstein of Mad TV in it.  It’s the trifecta!

When life gives Mrs. Maisel lemons, she makes great stand up comedy with brisket on the side.  Midge has her life in order.  Five years into her marriage, she has two children, a husband with a great advertising job, an apartment close to her parents on the upper west side, and the Rabbi coming for Yom Kippur.  It took five years after the wedding to get him back, but that’s another story.

When her husband suddenly packs his bag (hers actually; he mistakenly uses her suitcase) and leaves, she is faced with the terrible truth that he has been having an affair with his ridiculously stupid secretary, and that he is actually a terrible comedian.  It turns out that isn’t the only thing he’s lied to Midge about.  He’s been stealing Bob Newhart’s jokes, and using them in his own open mic stand up routines.    While she has done everything she could possibly do to support his career, his interests and their standing in the Jewish community, he has done everything he could possibly do to escape his marriage in the most cliché of ways.  The secretary, really?  In doing so, he inadvertently frees his wife from missing her own destiny.  For in the partnership of Mr. and Mrs. Maisel, she’s the funny one.  Don’t miss this!  It is truly marvelous.

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Melody Stewart is the founder of act.land and President of iactingstudioskc.com. She is a filmmaker in Kansas City.