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Top 10 Most Successful SNL Alumni

A group picture of the cast of Saturday Night Live, 1992, including Chris Rock, Adam Sandlern and others.
The gang's all here from SNL!

From Will Farrell to Chris Rock; Amy Pholler and Tina Fey, Watch Mojo counts down their top 10 most successful SNL alumni.  And they’re not just giving props to recent fame; they go back to the greats like, Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray, Dan Akroid and Jim Belushi.  No SNL list would be complete without giving a nod to Mike Meyers for all he’s done to make us laugh.  It’s almost impossible to pick a favorite; they’re all so good.

A double picture of Adam Sandler as the Wedding Singer and a normal Adam Sandler in a baseball cap.
Adam Sandler performs as the Wedding Singer.

I have a special fondness for Adam Sandler for his heartfelt portrayal of a jilted groom in “Wedding Singer” and Mike Myers for…everything he’s ever done (but especially “So I Married an Ax Murderer“) I hope many of you will recognize this quote, “Uh Miss, I ordered the large cappuccino”.

A movie poster for "So I Married an Ax Murderer" with Mike Myers in the forground, smmiling and Nancy Travis, framed by a red heart, smiling and weilding an ax.
Mike Myers and Nancy Travis in “So I Married an Ax Murderer”.

Favorites aside, God bless the comedians.  We all need to laugh, and these days it should be a covered expense under the Affordable Care Act!  Never fear, act.land is here to save the day.

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